April 29, 2011

keeping it ethical

I want to mention here that the line under my title up there (no one comprehends the entire maze) is from House of Leaves. I did not write it. I can only yearn to one day be as good as His Greatness Danielewski, the trippiest post-modernist since Pynchon.

So, yeah. No plagiarism here. Move along, people.


That's what this blog is. It exists in between. Fitting, really, seeing as that's how I feel about Bako.

Prof, are we allowed to get down with these things yet? I feel compelled to express myself in this open and unfiltered forum but I don't want to hurt my grade. Anyway, it feels a little desolate in here...




April 20, 2011

good thing we don't have debter's prison anymore

The article in question:


"Susan Dynarski, a professor of education and public policy at the University of Michigan, said student debt could generally be seen as a sensible investment in a lifetime of higher earnings. 'When you think about what’s good debt and what’s bad debt, student loans fall into the realm of good debt, like mortgages,' Professor Dynarski said. 'It’s an investment that pays off over the whole life cycle.'"

First and foremost, here is my biggest problem with student debt: it forces you to participate in the system until you're dead. Period. Once you're in, it's impossible to get out. If you had parents like mine (or, hell, even teachers or counselors - there are plenty of people who can pressure you), you graduated from high school with the mindset that you were going to be a total failure in life if you didn't go to college. As to whether that's actually true I can't say for certain but I do know that I made a decent living in retail for a bit. At least until all the debt caught up with me. Whether my college degree will be necessary for my personal success or not really doesn't matter (to me) when I start to think about how I'm forever doomed obligated to be part of that multi-headed monster of ultimate suck, the American Economy. Forever. And ever...

"And there is widespread concern about those who borrow heavily for college, then drop out, or take extra years to graduate."

Yeah, I did that. I dropped out of SF State after three years (gods, how I miss that school) and after about another three re-enrolled here at CSUB. As a junior. Again. Which is why I'm 27 and still haven't gotten a bachelor's degree. I also have a gigantic mountain of loan debt, all of which was in default for a while (along with several credit cards and the cable bill), and I had to borrow even more to come back here. Once I graduate I'm not sure what will happen; I imagine I'll have to defer them for a bit until I can find a writing gig somewhere. And then pay on them until I'm too old to appreciate that I no longer have to pay on student loans. Really, I feel like this is a blueprint for how NOT to do things once you become an adult. Because then you have to move back to Bakersfield, back in with your parents, and you start to feel pretty crappy about your lot in life.

This article also implies that my student loan debt is going to hinder me in other areas, such as getting married, having children and buying a house. I don't really view any of these as problems personally, as I have no desire to get married for a long, long time (I can't legally marry who I want to in this state, anyway); no desire to have children ever (I don't really like them or want them around me, plus I'm really into my me time); and as far as buying a house goes, I haven't even thought about that at this juncture (just getting out of my parents' house would be enough for now even if it is into a tiny apartment with too many roommates). There are probably many people in this class alone who are worried about these things, though, so they are factors to consider if you want to be a "normal" adult.

April 19, 2011

yep, we're pretty screwed



I think the only thing that will save us is complete and utter economic collapse. In a post-apocalyptic society, our credit scores will no longer matter. The playing field will be equal again.

April 18, 2011


It suddenly occurred to me that the title of this CF should have been "funn with gunn."

So, that other n, he exists in a different dimension. He makes his presence known here as a negative reflection of the actual double n in my name. It's his statement on society.

Always remember, kids: alternate realities are totally real. Just ask the Doctor.

don't call me a noob

This is the greatest blog you will ever read. I haven't even written anything yet and your mind is already blown by how bloody awesome this is. Stick around for even more radness.